Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Almost a week from my last blog and it feels like forever. I just got in from teaching swimming this morning and wanted to tell you all about our weekend. We went camping at Lake Texoma. Basically, one side is Texas and the other Oklahoma. We haven't camped in forever and it was great to get our feet wet again.
The sites were beautiful. Our camp spot was at the edge of a cliff...pretty steep I might add.
We arrived Sat. morning and quickly set up our tent.

My boys were pretty eager to start swimming in the lake but, when you camp its important to set up the shop first. I'm thinking about trying some of those strategies at home when it comes to doing chores. Then, when we had finished, we headed for the lake. We took a trail down and my boys were scoping out all of the poison oak...little scary. Of course my main concern was the possibility of running into a snake.

We eventually made it down and back, a few times, without itching or snake bites. My boys first started swimming, which then turned into sand throwing, and eventually had to all say sorry to a little girl due to sand in her eyes.....boys.

They eventually started making a wall out of sand. They miss the California beaches. They love building castles and forts. And i didn't snap a photo, but the little girl with the sand in the eye, let's just say she was the giant who got even.
Ok...I need to get back to work. I am still finishing up my next Rocket Dog and a few other secret items as well. I can't wait to share....Marnie

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Julie said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! I thought of you on Sunday while going through the paper I saw a ad that had a smore on it.
Smiles ~ julie