Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Pics!

A few posts back I had mentioned that I would start showing bits and pieces of my home. So today I decided to take some pictures of my front garden. It's been a work in progress over the last couple of years and it's finally looking the way I had planned. And with Spring finally arriving here in Texas... my flowers are really starting to bloom.

This vine growing over the arch is Jasmine and their is a mother bird and her nest tucked inside.

The window above is my studio. I get really sidetracked sometimes watching the birds, rabbits, and squirrels that enter my yard....and the pretty flowers of course.
I hope you enjoyed the Pics! I'm also updating my Etsy shop all this week full of bright spring little paintings. And if you want something before Easter it must be ordered by Wednesday April 8th so I can ship it priority to you.
Back to work- Marnie V.

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Kathleen Coy said...

It's so beautiful, Marnie! I love the arch, and the jasmine. The forsythia is blooming here, but not much else yet. The lows are in the 20's right now. I'm so ready for Spring flowers!