Monday, July 7, 2008

Completing Projects

I have definitely gotten better with managing time for all of my projects. And it's really not that easy, especially being an artist. I also know that all artists can bet on this with me in that they do the same thing.
Being an artist, any kind that is, your brain is constantly spinning with ideas. And when you have other things to get done, it is completely normal to push the important things aside and work on some new inspiration that has popped into your brain. Now this doesn't count when you have a burst of inspiration that needs to come out at 2am. So with that said, I have completely learned how to control my inspiration for only the appropriate times.
And let me tell you it's not easy now that I opened up this Etsy site. For example, today I am first finishing up an Etsy painting and will then be adding to the site. Then I am finishing one last painting for a big order that is shipping tomorrow.
On Tuesday, I will be shipping that monster order and painting three small paintings for another store. And that order will ship on Wednesday.
By the end of the week my goal is to completely work on only Rocket Dog. I have a few new things coming in that series so please stay tuned.
Well I'm off to start my day and keeping with my schedule. First on the list, which I didn't mention, I am teaching swim class today.
Have a great day!-Marnie

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